Band new2 750Hafenkapelle is a costumed fest band located in Cape Coral, Florida. In addition to traditional German festival music, we also play American big band favorites and other popular dance music.

We are available to play Oktoberfest and other German fest events in Cape Coral, Fort Myers and other locations in Southwest Florida.  Hafenkapelle performs in the big tent and in the Bavarian garden for the German American Social Club's Oktoberfest the last two weekends of each October.  Come out and hear us and all the other great bands.

If you have an idea for a new German fest – contact us. Consider us for Karneval, for an Onionfest or Asparagusfest or Tomatofest, for a Reeperbahn or a Wurstmarkt, or for your city's version of the Hafengeburtstag.